Inhumane, indiscriminate weapons – landmines continue to cause the suffering of children in many countries. 
They are faceless killers – These weapons of war kill during the war and in peacetime.
Mine action is an investment in humanity.

it’s very vital to find a way to raise global awareness about key problems. 
For many years I’m devoting myself to the global anti-landmine campaign and support for demining action. 
Many people, when they first heard about my activities, asked me, how it’s possible that landmines still cause a threat to many children and innocent civilians around the globe.

For me, as a global anti-landmine advocate, initiator of the One Mine One Life movement, and patron of several Demining organizations, raising global awareness about this inhumane weapon that kills and maimed children every day it’s the most important. Organizing funds for demining organizations and demining teams are also strongly connected with the involvement of the international community. 

The dog “Patrol” is a great supporter of that mission, not only due to his sniffing skills but also because of attracting attention and raising international awareness.

Young victims of the war In Ukraine have had their spirits lifted by a surprise visit of a mine-sniffing Jack Russell named Patron.
Patron helped minesweepers detect more than 200 landmines and unexploded bombs.

At least one death or injury from the use of explosive weapons was recorded in 30 countries and territories in September 2022.

The five most affected countries and territories in terms of civilian casualties from the use of explosive weapons were Ukraine, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, and Syria.

In September 2022, there were 251 incidents of explosive weapon use recorded in Ukraine, 243 of which resulted in 1,140 civilian casualties, of whom 310 were killed and 830 injured. Civilian casualties included at least 37 children and 34 women. Civilians accounted for 99% of the total 1,155 casualties, as there were also 15 recorded armed-actor casualties, nine of whom were killed and six injured. 
The majority of civilian casualties, 92% (1,050), occurred in populated areas. 

– Angelika Ewa Jarosławska Sapieha

#onemineonelife #nomorelandmines 

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