„Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. It was also the United Nations General Assembly High-Level Week 2022.In the current global situation, every month should be dedicated to moral education, and pro-peace education. 

This week we also observe Disarmament Week.

Weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear weapons, continue to be of primary concern, owing to their destructive power and the threat that they pose to humanity. Landmines are inhuman weapons that kill in war and peacetime.

For humanitarians, it’s very vital to find a way to raise global awareness about key problems. 

For me, as a global anti-landmine advocate, and initiator of the One Mine One Life movement, raising global awareness about this inhumane weapon that kills and maimed children every day it’s the most important. Organizing funds for demining organizations and demining teams are also strongly connected with the involvement of the international community. 

As I was supporting in the past several films productions and have the pleasure to be a part of very ambitious upcoming productions, I see great potential in the movie industry to promote history, culture, and important humanitarian/social matters. 

Films have great power to educate, inspire, provoke reflection, and ask the right question. The dialogue takes place in our minds and hearts. I’m convinced that humanitarian films have a great role to play to make us and our world a better place. Art can simply describe complicated things, educate and touch people’s hearts”.

– Princess Angelika Ewa Jarosławska Sapieha