Art for Peace and Awareness

During my visit to Cannes and at the Cannes Film Festival, I was honored to be invited to the special evening gala at Côte d’Azur – Ukrainian Fashion Film Festival – Ukrainian charity evening under the patronage of L’Officiel, CNN, TFI, Marie Claire, and others.
This festival showcased the best of Ukrainian fashion and film.
There was an auction held during the event to support the Superhumans Centre of the All-Ukrainian Modern Centre for Prosthetics and Psychological Support of Adults and Children Affected by War.
As an initiator of the One Mine One Life campaign against landmines and a firm supporter of demining action, I shared information about the current landmine contamination situation in Ukraine and mine risk awareness.
Just recently, the One Mine One Life campaign was a partner in mine risk education lessons for Ukrainian teachers in Romania.
During the evening at Cannes, we could see the accomplishments of the modern Ukrainian film industry, including “During the Hostilities” by Artem Kolyubaev.
We could also see the fashion show – Ukrainian designers demonstrated the essence of Ukrainian fashion – its drive and ethnic influences, the message which they want to give to the world.
We could listen to Ukrainian artists. Especially touching was the opening of the evening with the national anthem of Ukraine.
I want to mention also another project, which is very special and everyone should see it – @murals_ua.
It was great to see the world premiere of @murals_ua at the Marché du Film of the Festival de Cannes.
Murals is an immersive visual experience that uses cutting-edge 3D scanning to place viewers face-to-face with the war devastation in Ukraine. The not-for-profit art project follows captures of Banksy’s artwork left on the rubble of people’s homes, schools, and infrastructure.