Ceremony of the 2022 International History Olympiad at the historic USS Intrepid in New York. International History Olympiad the world’s most prestigious competition for middle and high school history students from all over the world.

The International History Olympiad is a competition organized by International Academic Competitions which is designed to bring the top history students from around the world together for an unforgettable eight days full of various competitions with a history-based theme, and a chance to meet students with similar interests and talents from around the world. The 2022 Olympiad will be held at Princeton University.

Closing ceremonies of the 2022 International History Olympiad by International Academic Competitions took place in a unique place with great importance not only for the history of the United States but the whole world, which is the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid. This closing ceremony served as a culmination of 7 days of exams, competitions, field trips, and side events comprising the International History Olympiad.

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