CSW 67 FORUM PARALLEL EVENT - Appeal of Young Change Maker Adrianna Szmigiel

Young Change Makers – Future Moral Leaders with the Global Goals Spirit NGO CSW67 FORUM PARALLEL EVENT March 7 at 2.30 PM EST in CCUN United Nations.

It was such an honor to speak as a distinguished Young Change Makers during the Parallel Event: “Young Change Makers – Future Moral Leaders with the Global Goals Spirit”, among such an accomplished, distinguished Speakers – globally recognized humanitarians, like Jeremy Gilley, who’s work toward peace reach not even millions, but billions people around the globe.

As a representative of a young generation, I’m grateful to the organiser, Princess Angelika Jarosławska Sapieha for creating an opportunity for me to speak during this distinguished event, but also for mentoring and support to become a Young Change Maker.

I was very much touched by the speech of Svitlana Salamatova, Head of the Ukrainian Women in the UN Project, Head of the independent delegation of Ukrainian women in the UN, co-organizer of the event, who as a women leader is a great inspiration and role model.

As a member of the Polish Peace Corps, One Mine One Life global campaign and movement for a mine-free world, and a Young Change Maker, I believe that peace and respect for all humans is the greatest value in the world. One Mine One Life helped me to realize that we as a young generation can be advocates of important matters. And that we can shape the future, which will be more inclusive and free from wars and cruelty.

Because of that, I have decided to lead the Polish edition of the “Children Painting Peace” , an international contest initiated by Princess Angelika, which aims to educate about the value of peace. I want to thank Maja Michalak who helped me very much with leading the contest and everyone who took part in it, these people can easily call themselves young change makers because they are already at such a young age and are making the world a better place.

– Adrianna Szmigiel, Young Change Maker